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Microsoft Entra ID Service Principal Insights
Provides deep insights on Microsoft Entra ID Service Principals (Enterprise Applications, Applications and Managed Identities).
Exports enriched insights to human friendly html file and trackable JSON + raw CSV files..
Check it out: AzADServicePrincipalInsights GitHub repository (

Azure Governance Visualizer (aka AzGovViz)

Azure Governance Visualizer is intended to help you to get a holistic overview on your technical Azure Governance implementation by connecting the dots.
It is a PowerShell script that iterates your Azure Tenant's Management Group hierarchy down to Subscription level, it captures most relevant Azure governance capabilities such as Azure Policy, RBAC and Blueprints and a lot more..
 • Listed as tool for the Govern discipline in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
 • Listed as security monitoring tool in the Microsoft Well Architected Framework (WAF)
Check it out: Azure Governance Visualizer (aka AzGovViz) GitHub repository (

Policy limits

Maximum count of Azure Policy objects
Naming restrictions
Policy rule limits

Repository for Azure Policy samples

Repository for Azure Policy from the Community

Repository for Azure Security Center (ASC) related Azure Policy definitions

ASC main Policy definitions
ASC Pricing&Settings Policy definitions

Azure Policy Visual Studio Code Extension

Visual Studio Marketplace

Jim Britt - Azure Diagnostics Policy Generator

PowerShell Gallery

GitHub Action - Manage Azure Policy

With Manage Azure Policy Action you can now create or update Azure policies from your GitHub Workflows.

Jesse Loudon - AWESOME-Azure-Policy

A curated list of AWESOME blogs, videos, tutorials, code, tools, scripts.
Anything which can help you learn Azure Policy and quickly get started with designing, planning, and implementing governance controls to your resources.

Enterprise Azure Policy-as-Code (EPAC)

Enterprise-ready Azure Policy-as-Code (EPAC) solution (includes Az DevOps pipeline)

Mats Estensen - Azure Policy Aliases

Another website to quickly find and search for Azure Policy Aliases (codebase open source)

Great Azure related sites & tools

Derek MartinĀ“s Azure Notes

News to the point - Azure Notes (now integrated with AzAdvertizer (catchUp))

John SavillĀ“s Technical Training

Learn, learn, learn - SavillTech (overview of all sessions now integrated with AzAdvertizer (catchUp))

Bernie White - PSRule for Azure

Ready to go rules for testing Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
PSRule for Azure

Carlos Mendible - azqr (Azure Quick Review)

Analyze Azure resources for best practices and recommendations
GitHub repository

David Summers - Azure-Design

Huge collection of Azure icons in PNG and SVG (Visio importable) format

Thorsten Loeschmann - Docs Update Tracker (DUT)

Goal of this project is to provide a way to keep up with the ever changing Microsoft documentation on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Graph.

Aleksei Polkovnikov - Azure Charts

CCO (Continuous Cloud Optimization) Dashboard

CCO Dashboard - GitHub

Helder Pinto - Azure Optimization Engine

The Azure Optimization Engine (AOE) is an extensible solution designed to generate optimization recommendations for your Azure environment. See it like a fully customizable Azure Advisor.
blog series on the tool: Augmenting Azure Advisor Cost Recommendations for Automated Continuous Optimization

Azure Resource Inventory

Azure Resource inventory (ARI) is a powerful script written in powershell to generate an Excel report of any Azure Environment you have read access

Prateek Kumar Singh - Azure Visualizer aka AzViz

PowerShell module to automatically generate Azure resource topology diagrams by just typing a PowerShell cmdlet and passing the name of one or more Azure Resource Group(s)

Dolev Shor - Azure Orphan Resources

In some cases you pay for resources even though they are orphans and in other cases the resources have no cost but they can be the cause of misconfiguration and complexity operational.

Luke Murray - AzureFeeds

Includes Weekly AzureUpdates, Latest TechCommunity posts, latest MicrosoftSecurity posts, and posts from the Azure community, including recently released or modified Microsoft Learn content.

Jelle Druyts - Azure Service Tags

A web application that helps with Azure IP ranges and Service Tags

Azure IP Ranges

Microsoft Azure Cloud IP ranges - You can easily filter by Service Tags

Azure Speed/Latency Test

Other links

AzAPICall PowerShell module

Azure REST API call handler for Microsoft Graph, Azure Resource Management (ARM), KeyVault, Log Analytics, Storage and more..

AzAPICall GitHub repository

Mouse Without Borders

Microsoft Portals

Community driven project to list all of Microsoft's portals in one place