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AzGovViz - Azure Governance Visualizer version 4 released

Do you want to have visibility on your Tenant's Management Group hierarchy - document it in csv, html and markdown?
AzGovViz is a PowerShell based script that iterates your Azure Tenant's Management Group hierarchy down to Subscription level. It captures most relevant Azure governance capabilities such as Azure Policy, RBAC and Blueprints and a lot more. From the collected data AzGovViz provides visibility on your HierarchyMap, creates a TenantSummary and builds granular ScopeInsights on Management Groups and Subscriptions. The technical requirements as well as the required permissions are minimal.

Repository for Azure Policy samples

Repository for Azure Policy from the Community

Azure Policy Visual Studio Code Extension

Visual Studio Marketplace

Jim Britt - Azure Diagnostics Policy Generator

PowerShell Gallery

GitHub Action - Manage Azure Policy

With Manage Azure Policy Action you can now create or update Azure policies from your GitHub Workflows.

Ricardo Martins - Azure Governance DevOps Generator

Helping customers to quickly deploy Azure Governance following the best practices using Azure DevOps board with agile practices.

Great Azure related sites & tools

Aleksei Polkovnikov - Azure Charts

CCO (Continuous Cloud Optimization) Dashboard

CCO Dashboard - GitHub

Helder Pinto - Azure Optimization Engine

The Azure Optimization Engine (AOE) is an extensible solution designed to generate optimization recommendations for your Azure environment. See it like a fully customizable Azure Advisor.
blog series on the tool: Augmenting Azure Advisor Cost Recommendations for Automated Continuous Optimization

Stephane Eyskens - Azure Maps

Helping you to find your way in Azure (Architecture focused)

Azure IP Ranges

Microsoft Azure Cloud IP ranges - You can easily filter by Service Tags

Stay current with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure - stay up to date resources

Azure Tips and Tricks

Region Map

Azure Speed/Latency Test

more about Azure Cloud and IAM by Nisanth M. Rajah

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Mouse Without Borders

Microsoft Portals

Community driven project to list all of Microsoft's portals in one place