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Azure Role

Managed Applications Reader

Role Name Managed Applications Reader
Role Id b9331d33-8a36-4f8c-b097-4f54124fdb44
Role Description Lets you read resources in a managed app and request JIT access.
Role Changes no changes
Operation Description Used in other Role(s)
*/read Log Analytics Reader, Log Analytics Contributor, Managed Application Operator Role , Monitoring Reader, Monitoring Contributor, Reader, Resource Policy Contributor, User Access Administrator, Managed Application Contributor Role
Microsoft.Resources/deployments/* API Management Service Contributor, API Management Service Operator Role, API Management Service Reader Role , Application Insights Component Contributor, Application Insights Snapshot Debugger, Automation Job Operator, Automation Runbook Operator, Automation Operator, Avere Contributor, Backup Contributor, Backup Operator, BizTalk Contributor, CDN Endpoint Contributor, CDN Endpoint Reader, CDN Profile Contributor, CDN Profile Reader, Classic Network Contributor, Classic Storage Account Contributor, ClearDB MySQL DB Contributor, Classic Virtual Machine Contributor, Cognitive Services Contributor, Data Box Contributor, Data Factory Contributor, Data Lake Analytics Developer, DocumentDB Account Contributor, DNS Zone Contributor, EventGrid EventSubscription Contributor, Intelligent Systems Account Contributor, Key Vault Contributor, Log Analytics Contributor, Logic App Contributor, Managed Identity Operator, Managed Identity Contributor, Network Contributor, New Relic APM Account Contributor, Redis Cache Contributor, Scheduler Job Collections Contributor, Search Service Contributor, Security Admin, Security Manager (Legacy), Site Recovery Contributor, Site Recovery Operator, SQL Managed Instance Contributor, SQL DB Contributor, SQL Security Manager, Storage Account Contributor, SQL Server Contributor, Traffic Manager Contributor, Virtual Machine Contributor, Web Plan Contributor, Website Contributor, Cosmos DB Operator, Private DNS Zone Contributor, Blueprint Contributor, Blueprint Operator, Azure Sentinel Contributor, Azure Sentinel Responder, Azure Sentinel Reader, SignalR Contributor, Managed Application Contributor Role, Tag Contributor, Azure Kubernetes Service Contributor Role, Key Vault Administrator (preview), Key Vault Crypto Officer (preview), Key Vault Secrets Officer (preview), Key Vault Certificates Officer (preview), Key Vault Reader (preview), Collaborative Data Contributor, Device Update Reader, Device Update Administrator, Device Update Content Administrator, Device Update Deployments Administrator, Device Update Deployments Reader, Device Update Content Reader
Used in Policy
Role Definition (Json)
  "Name": "Managed Applications Reader",
  "Id": "b9331d33-8a36-4f8c-b097-4f54124fdb44",
  "IsCustom": false,
  "Description": "Lets you read resources in a managed app and request JIT access.",
  "Actions": [
  "NotActions": [
  "DataActions": [
  "NotDataActions": [
  "AssignableScopes": [