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Azure Role

Management Group Reader

Role Name Management Group Reader
Role Id ac63b705-f282-497d-ac71-919bf39d939d
Role Description Management Group Reader Role
Role Changes no changes
Operation Description Used in other Role(s)
Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/read List management groups for the authenticated user. Billing Reader, Cost Management Contributor, Cost Management Reader , Management Group Contributor, Security Admin, Security Reader
Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/subscriptions/read Lists subscription under the given management group. Management Group Contributor
Used in Policy
Role Definition (Json)
  "Name": "Management Group Reader",
  "Id": "ac63b705-f282-497d-ac71-919bf39d939d",
  "IsCustom": false,
  "Description": "Management Group Reader Role",
  "Actions": [
  "NotActions": [
  "DataActions": [
  "NotDataActions": [
  "AssignableScopes": [