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Azure RBAC Role definition

AgFood Platform Service Contributor

NameAgFood Platform Service Contributor
DescriptionProvides contribute access to AgFood Platform Service
CreatedOn2020-09-14 10:21:09 UTC
UpdatedOn2020-10-27 09:45:30 UTC
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change Change detail
2020-10-27 14:13:08 change: NotDataActions NotDataActions: 'remove Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/growers/create/action; add Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/farmers/write'
2020-09-14 13:55:19 add: Role 508a-4469-4e45-963b-2518ee0bb728
Actions n/a
NotActions n/a
Operation Description Used in other Roles
Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/*/actionno description given none
Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/*/readno description given AgFood Platform Service Reader
Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/*/writeno description given none
Operation Description Used in other Roles
Microsoft.AgFoodPlatform/farmers/writeCreates or Updates AgFoodPlatform farmers. none
Used in Policy none
  "Name": "AgFood Platform Service Contributor",
  "Id": "8508508a-4469-4e45-963b-2518ee0bb728",
  "IsCustom": false,
  "Description": "Provides contribute access to AgFood Platform Service",
  "Actions": [
  "NotActions": [
  "DataActions": [
  "NotDataActions": [
  "AssignableScopes": [