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Azure RBAC Role definition

Logic Apps Standard Reader (Preview)

NameLogic Apps Standard Reader (Preview)
DescriptionYou have read-only access to all resources in a Standard logic app and workflows, including the workflow runs and their history.
CreatedOn2023-08-11 18:29:26 UTC
UpdatedOn2023-08-30 15:21:06 UTC
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change Change detail
2023-08-14 17:58:07 add: Role 4accf36b-2c05-432f-91c8-5c532dff4c73
Permissions summary Effective control plane and data plane operations: 56 (unique operations)
•Action: 7
•Delete: 1
•read: 46
•Write: 2

Actions: 16
Resolved control plane operations from Actions: 56
Effective control plane operations: 56
•Action: 7
•Delete: 1
•read: 46
•Write: 2

NotActions: 0
Resolved control plane operations from NotActions: 0
Effective denied control plane operations: 14662

DataActions: 0
Resolved data plane operations: 0
Effective data plane operations: 0

NotDataActions: 0
Resolved data plane operations from NotDataActions: 0
Effective denied data plane operations: 3081
Operation Description
Microsoft.Authorization/*/readwildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Insights/alertRules/*wildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Resources/deployments/operations/readGets or lists deployment operations.
Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/operationresults/readGet the subscription operation results.
Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourceGroups/readGets or lists resource groups.
Microsoft.Support/*wildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Web/connectionGateways/*/readwildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Web/connections/*/readwildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Web/customApis/*/readwildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Web/serverFarms/readGet the properties on an App Service Plan
microsoft.web/sites/hostruntime/webhooks/api/workflows/runs/readList Web Apps Hostruntime Workflow Runs.
microsoft.web/sites/hostruntime/webhooks/api/workflows/triggers/readList Web Apps Hostruntime Workflow Triggers.
microsoft.web/sites/slots/workflows/readList the workflows in a deployment slot in a Logic App.
microsoft.web/sites/slots/workflowsconfiguration/readGet logic app's configuration information by its ID in a deployment slot in a Logic App.
microsoft.web/sites/workflows/readList the workflows in a Logic App.
microsoft.web/sites/workflowsconfiguration/readGet logic app's configuration information by its ID in a Logic App.
NotActions n/a
DataActions n/a
NotDataActions n/a
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