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Azure RBAC Role definition

Key Vault Secrets User

NameKey Vault Secrets User
Microsoft docs
DescriptionRead secret contents. Only works for key vaults that use the 'Azure role-based access control' permission model.
CreatedOn2020-05-19 17:52:47 UTC
UpdatedOn2021-11-11 20:14:30 UTC
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change Change detail
2020-05-19 20:42:36 add: Role 4633458b-17de-408a-b874-0445c86b69e6
Actions n/a
NotActions n/a
Operation Description Used in other Roles
Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/secrets/getSecret/actionGets the value of a secret. none
Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/secrets/readMetadata/actionList or view the properties of a secret, but not its value. Key Vault Reader
NotDataActions n/a
Used in Policy none