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Blueprint Operator

Azure BuiltIn RBAC Role definition

NameBlueprint Operator
DescriptionCan assign existing published blueprints, but cannot create new blueprints. NOTE: this only works if the assignment is done with a user-assigned managed identity.
CreatedOn2019-08-14 21:56:48 UTC
UpdatedOn2021-11-11 20:14:06 UTC
Permissions summary Effective control plane and data plane operations: 52 (unique operations)
•action: 8
•delete: 2
•read: 39
•write: 3

Actions: 5
Resolved control plane operations from Actions: 52
Effective control plane operations: 52
•action: 8
•delete: 2
•read: 39
•write: 3

NotActions: 0
Resolved control plane operations from NotActions: 0
Effective denied control plane operations: 15598

DataActions: 0
Resolved data plane operations: 0
Effective data plane operations: 0

NotDataActions: 0
Resolved data plane operations from NotDataActions: 0
Effective denied data plane operations: 3160
Operation Description
Microsoft.Authorization/*/readwildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Blueprint/blueprintAssignments/*wildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Resources/deployments/*wildcarded / no description
Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourceGroups/readGets or lists resource groups.
Microsoft.Support/*wildcarded / no description
NotActions n/a
DataActions n/a
NotDataActions n/a
Used in
BuiltIn Policy
Condition none