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Microsoft Managed Control 1125 - Audit Reduction And Report Generation | Regulatory Compliance - Audit and Accountability

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Source Azure Portal
Display name Microsoft Managed Control 1125 - Audit Reduction And Report Generation
Id c6ce745a-670e-47d3-a6c4-3cfe5ef00c10
Version 1.0.0
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Category Regulatory Compliance
Microsoft Learn
Description Microsoft implements this Audit and Accountability control
Additional metadata Name/Id: ACF1125 / Microsoft Managed Control 1125
Category: Audit and Accountability
Title: Audit Reduction And Report Generation - Original Audit Record Treatment
Ownership: Customer, Microsoft
Description: The information system provides an audit reduction and report generation capability that: Does not alter the original content or time ordering of audit records.
Requirements: The tools used in Azure to collect and process audit records do not permanently or irreversibly alter the original audit record content or time ordering. Kusto and Jarvis by default are not an updateable data storage system, processing logs as read-only. They do not provide any update or delete functionality.
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