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Microsoft Managed Control 1454 - Physical Access Control | Regulatory Compliance - Physical and Environmental Protection

Azure BuiltIn Policy definition

Source Azure Portal
Display name Microsoft Managed Control 1454 - Physical Access Control
Id ad58985d-ab32-4f99-8bd3-b7e134c90229
Version 1.0.0
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Category Regulatory Compliance
Microsoft Learn
Description Microsoft implements this Physical and Environmental Protection control
Additional metadata Name/Id: ACF1454 / Microsoft Managed Control 1454
Category: Physical and Environmental Protection
Title: Physical Access Control - Escort And Monitor Visitor Activity
Ownership: Microsoft
Description: The organization: Escorts visitors and monitors visitor activity At all times while in the datacenter;
Requirements: All visitors that have approved access to the datacenter are designated as “Escort Only” on their badges and are always required to remain with their escorts. Escorted visitors do not have any access levels granted to them and can only travel on the access of their escorts. Escorts monitor all activities of their visitor while in the datacenter.
Mode Indexed
Type Static
Preview False
Deprecated False
Effect Fixed
RBAC role(s) none
Rule aliases none
Rule resource types IF (2)
Compliance Not a Compliance control
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