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Deploy SQL database auditing settings

Azure Landing Zones (ALZ) Policy definition

Source Repository Azure Landing Zones (ALZ) GitHub
JSON Deploy-Sql-AuditingSettings
Display name Deploy SQL database auditing settings
Id Deploy-Sql-AuditingSettings
Version 1.0.0
Details on versioning
Category SQL
Description Deploy auditing settings to SQL Database when it not exist in the deployment
Mode Indexed
Type Custom Azure Landing Zones (ALZ)
Preview False
Deprecated False
Effect Default
DeployIfNotExists, Disabled
RBAC role(s)
Role Name Role Id
SQL Security Manager 056cd41c-7e88-42e1-933e-88ba6a50c9c3
Rule aliases THEN-ExistenceCondition (2)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases/auditingSettings/isAzureMonitorTargetEnabled Microsoft.Sql servers/databases/auditingSettings properties.isAzureMonitorTargetEnabled false
Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases/auditingSettings/state Microsoft.Sql servers/databases/auditingSettings properties.state true
Rule resource types IF (1)
THEN-Deployment (1)
Initiatives usage
Initiative DisplayName Initiative Id Initiative Category State
Deploy SQL Database built-in SQL security configuration Deploy-Sql-Security SQL GA
History none
JSON compare n/a