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Azure Policy definition

IoT Central should use private link

Name IoT Central should use private link
Azure Portal
Id 9ace2dbc-4b71-48b6-b2a7-428b0b2e3944
Version 1.0.0
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Category Internet of Things
Microsoft docs
Description Azure Private Link lets you connect your virtual network to Azure services without a public IP address at the source or destination. The private link platform handles the connectivity between the consumer and services over the Azure backbone network. By mapping private endpoints to your IoT Central application instead of the entire service, you'll reduce your data leakage risks. Learn more about private links at:
Mode Indexed
Type BuiltIn
Preview FALSE
Deprecated FALSE
Effect Default: Audit
Allowed: (Audit, Deny, Disabled)
Used RBAC Role none
Rule Aliases IF (2)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.IoTCentral/iotApps/privateEndpointConnections[*] Microsoft.IoTCentral IoTApps properties.privateEndpointConnections[*] false
Microsoft.IoTCentral/iotApps/privateEndpointConnections[*].privateLinkServiceConnectionState.status Microsoft.IoTCentral IoTApps properties.privateEndpointConnections[*].properties.privateLinkServiceConnectionState.status false
Rule ResourceTypes IF (1)
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2022-07-08 16:32:07 add 9ace2dbc-4b71-48b6-b2a7-428b0b2e3944
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