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Azure Policy definition

[Deprecated]: Ensure that 'HTTP Version' is the latest, if used to run the API app

Name [Deprecated]: Ensure that 'HTTP Version' is the latest, if used to run the API app
Azure Portal
Id 991310cd-e9f3-47bc-b7b6-f57b557d07db
Version 2.0.0-deprecated
details on versioning
Category App Service
Microsoft docs
Description Periodically, newer versions are released for HTTP either due to security flaws or to include additional functionality. Using the latest HTTP version for web apps to take advantage of security fixes, if any, and/or new functionalities of the newer version. We recommend all customers who are still using API Apps to implement the built-in policy called 'App Service apps should use latest 'HTTP Version'', which is scoped to include API apps in addition to Web Apps.
Mode Indexed
Type BuiltIn
Preview FALSE
Deprecated True
Effect Default: AuditIfNotExists
Allowed: (AuditIfNotExists, Disabled)
Used RBAC Role none
Rule Aliases THEN-ExistenceCondition (1)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Web/sites/config/web.http20Enabled Microsoft.Web sites/config properties.http20Enabled false
Rule ResourceTypes IF (1)
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2022-07-01 16:32:34 change Version remains equal, new suffix: deprecated (2.0.0 > 2.0.0-deprecated)
2020-10-20 13:29:33 change Major (1.0.0 > 2.0.0)
2019-11-12 19:11:12 add 991310cd-e9f3-47bc-b7b6-f57b557d07db
Used in Initiatives none
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