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[Deprecated]: MFA should be enabled for accounts with write permissions on your subscription

Azure BuiltIn Policy definition

Source Azure Portal
Display name [Deprecated]: MFA should be enabled for accounts with write permissions on your subscription
Id 9297c21d-2ed6-4474-b48f-163f75654ce3
Version 3.0.1-deprecated
Details on versioning
Category Security Center
Microsoft Learn
Description This policy definition is no longer the recommended way to achieve its intent. Instead of continuing to use this policy, we recommend you assign this replacement policy with policy ID 931e118d-50a1-4457-a5e4-78550e086c52. Learn more about policy definition deprecation at
Mode All
Type BuiltIn
Preview False
Deprecated True
Reference Reference to 1 related Policy definition (taken from description)
Accounts with write permissions on Azure resources should be MFA enabled (931e118d-50a1-4457-a5e4-78550e086c52)
Effect Default
AuditIfNotExists, Disabled
RBAC role(s) none
Rule aliases THEN-ExistenceCondition (1)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Security/assessments/status.code Microsoft.Security assessments properties.status.code false
Rule resource types IF (1)
Compliance Not a Compliance control
Initiatives usage none
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2023-05-01 17:41:52 change Version remains equal, new suffix: deprecated (3.0.1 > 3.0.1-deprecated)
2022-09-23 16:35:49 change Patch (3.0.0 > 3.0.1)
2021-01-05 16:06:49 change Major (2.0.0 > 3.0.0)
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