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Microsoft Managed Control 1517 - Personnel Termination | Regulatory Compliance - Personnel Security

Azure BuiltIn Policy definition

Source Azure Portal
Display name Microsoft Managed Control 1517 - Personnel Termination
Id 8f5ad423-50d6-4617-b058-69908f5586c9
Version 1.0.0
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Category Regulatory Compliance
Microsoft Learn
Description Microsoft implements this Personnel Security control
Additional metadata Name/Id: ACF1517 / Microsoft Managed Control 1517
Category: Personnel Security
Title: Personnel Termination - Exit Interviews
Ownership: Customer, Microsoft
Description: The organization, upon termination of individual employment: Conducts exit interviews that include a discussion of Non-disclosure agreements; Exit Process;
Requirements: Microsoft sends an exit survey personnel being hired by a competitor on or before the user’s last day at Microsoft. Topics covered in the exit survey include review of non-disclosure provisions. Exit survey may not be conducted in the event of a termination where the individual is not going to a competitor.
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Type Static
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Effect Fixed
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Rule resource types IF (2)
Compliance Not a Compliance control
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