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Azure Policy definition

[Deprecated]: Azure Cache for Redis should reside within a virtual network

Name [Deprecated]: Azure Cache for Redis should reside within a virtual network
Azure Portal
Id 7d092e0a-7acd-40d2-a975-dca21cae48c4
Version 1.0.3-deprecated
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Category Cache
Microsoft docs
Description Azure Virtual Network deployment provides enhanced security and isolation for your Azure Cache for Redis, as well as subnets, access control policies, and other features to further restrict access.When an Azure Cache for Redis instance is configured with a virtual network, it is not publicly addressable and can only be accessed from virtual machines and applications within the virtual network.
Mode Indexed
Type BuiltIn
Preview FALSE
Deprecated True
Effect Default: Audit
Allowed: (Audit, Deny, Disabled)
Used RBAC Role none
Rule Aliases IF (1)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Cache/Redis/subnetId Microsoft.Cache Redis properties.subnetId true
Rule ResourceTypes IF (1)
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2022-04-15 17:17:14 change Version remains equal, new suffix: deprecated (1.0.3 > 1.0.3-deprecated)
2021-02-10 14:43:58 change Patch (1.0.2 > 1.0.3) *changes on text case sensitivity are not tracked
2020-12-11 15:42:52 change Patch (1.0.1 > 1.0.2) *changes on text case sensitivity are not tracked
2020-05-21 16:06:38 add 7d092e0a-7acd-40d2-a975-dca21cae48c4
Used in Initiatives
Initiative DisplayName Initiative Id Initiative Category State Type
[Deprecated]: Azure Security Benchmark v2 bb522ac1-bc39-4957-b194-429bcd3bcb0b Regulatory Compliance Deprecated BuiltIn
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