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Microsoft Managed Control 1336 - Authenticator Management | Pki-Based Authentication | Regulatory Compliance - Identification and Authentication

Source Azure Portal
Display name Microsoft Managed Control 1336 - Authenticator Management | Pki-Based Authentication
Id 77f56280-e367-432a-a3b9-8ca2aa636a26
Version 1.0.0
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Category Regulatory Compliance
Microsoft docs
Description Microsoft implements this Identification and Authentication control
Additional metadata Name/Id: ACF1336 / Microsoft Managed Control 1336
Category: Identification and Authentication
Title: Authenticator Management | Pki-Based Authentication - Local Cache of Revocation Data
Ownership: Customer, Microsoft
Description: The information system, for PKI-based authentication: Implements a local cache of revocation data to support path discovery and validation in case of inability to access revocation information via the network.
Requirements: Azure domain controllers cache revocation data and make it available to Azure assets if the primary revocation lists are unavailable.
Mode Indexed
Type Static
Preview False
Deprecated False
Effect Fixed
RBAC role(s) none
Rule aliases none
Rule resource types IF (2)
Compliance Not a Compliance control
Initiatives usage none
History none
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