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App Service apps should be injected into a virtual network

Azure BuiltIn Policy definition

Source Azure Portal
Display name App Service apps should be injected into a virtual network
Id 72d04c29-f87d-4575-9731-419ff16a2757
Version 3.0.0
Details on versioning
Category App Service
Microsoft Learn
Description Injecting App Service Apps in a virtual network unlocks advanced App Service networking and security features and provides you with greater control over your network security configuration. Learn more at:
Mode Indexed
Type BuiltIn
Preview False
Deprecated False
Effect Default
Audit, Deny, Disabled
RBAC role(s) none
Rule aliases IF (1)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Web/sites/virtualNetworkSubnetId Microsoft.Web sites properties.virtualNetworkSubnetId false
Rule resource types IF (1)
The following 1 compliance controls are associated with this Policy definition 'App Service apps should be injected into a virtual network' (72d04c29-f87d-4575-9731-419ff16a2757)
Control Domain Control Name MetadataId Category Title Owner Requirements Description Info Policy#
mp.s.3 Protection of web browsing mp.s.3 Protection of web browsing 404 not found n/a n/a 52
Initiatives usage
Initiative DisplayName Initiative Id Initiative Category State Type
Spain ENS 175daf90-21e1-4fec-b745-7b4c909aa94c Regulatory Compliance GA BuiltIn
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2022-09-19 17:41:40 change Major (2.0.0 > 3.0.0)
2022-07-01 16:32:34 change Major (1.0.0 > 2.0.0)
2021-06-22 14:29:30 add 72d04c29-f87d-4575-9731-419ff16a2757
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