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Azure Policy definition

[Deprecated]: Unattached disks should be encrypted

Name [Deprecated]: Unattached disks should be encrypted
Azure Portal
Id 2c89a2e5-7285-40fe-afe0-ae8654b92fb2
Version 1.0.0-deprecated
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Category Compute
Microsoft docs
Description This policy audits any unattached disk without encryption enabled.
Mode Indexed
Type BuiltIn
Preview FALSE
Deprecated True
Effect Default: Audit
Allowed: (Audit, Disabled)
Used RBAC Role none
Rule Aliases IF (2)
Alias Namespace ResourceType DefaultPath Modifiable
Microsoft.Compute/disks/diskState Microsoft.Compute disks properties.diskState false
Microsoft.Compute/disks/encryptionSettingsCollection.enabled Microsoft.Compute disks properties.encryptionSettingsCollection.enabled true
Rule ResourceTypes IF (1)
Date/Time (UTC ymd) (i) Change type Change detail
2021-10-19 19:10:32 change Version remains equal, new suffix: deprecated (1.0.0 > 1.0.0-deprecated)
Used in Initiatives
Initiative DisplayName Initiative Id Initiative Category State Type
[Deprecated]: Azure Security Benchmark v1 42a694ed-f65e-42b2-aa9e-8052e9740a92 Regulatory Compliance Deprecated BuiltIn
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